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NANTES / DEC / 2014
Personal exhibition “Z” in
Le Liu Unique

TARTU / 2016
Commissioned installations for the permanent exhibition in Estonian National Museum

Open call announced at



Photo by Katy Tarkpea

Photo by Katy Tarkpea

I will be moving into a new winter-time studio space in Tartu. It will be situated in Aparaaditehas which is a new cultural center built out of a Soviet time apparatus factory. It’s still in the very beginning of development, but seems promising partner for MAAJAAM projects.

The studio has some extra space, so I invite artists to visit Tartu and use the working space for a small period of time. The factory itself provides many possibilities, so You can propose collaborative projects as small exhibitions or presentations to be organized there. Check some more photos

7. Jan 2015

Exhibition “Z” in Nantes

26. Nov 2014

New work in Finland: PSA

New work “Personal Surveillance Agency”, subtitled “Department of Ants” was presented in the Northern Environmental and Sculpture Art Biennale in a small town with a small name called Ii in Finland. Thanks to everybody who helped with the project: All guys in Ulmelabor, Narro brothers, Johanna Nurm, Dr Dave Lawrence, Kossu, Jaska and all people from KulttuuriKauppila and the artists of the biennale.

More info and credits are here. Video will be coming later.

21. Jun 2014