Media Bubble

Media Bubble, Foto: Rasmus Jurkatam

Media bubble doesn’t blow up without a consumer, the installation doesn’t work without the visitor.
To make the media field buzzing, to create scandals and little stars, one has to move oneself. You have to type in c**.com or order newyorktimes, you have to pick up the remote control or tune in to FM wavelength. In this installation you have to make contact to the wooden plate, to make the information steams flow over you. It doesn’t matter, what kind of information that is, it just has to be warm. Media bubble is around You, without You it’s non-existent.

* Caution! Could make you dizzy.


“Everything is Temp” / Temp Gallery, New York, USA / 2013
“Liste Art Fair” / Basel, Switzerland / 2012
“Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art” / Artplay, Moscow, Russia / 2011
“Ludo Ergo Sum” / Gallery of Design and Architecture, Tallinn, Estonia / 2011
“1 Error 1 Reality” / Vaal Galerii, Tallinn, Estonia / 2008

(Edition of 5+1 AC.)
1. 2013 Media Bubble / Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie / Karlsruhe, Germany
2. 2013 Media Bubble / private collection / Italy

Curator Kiwa about exhibition (in Estonian)
Aricle by Anu Aaremäe in Postimees (in Estonian)
Article by Ragne Nukk in Äripäev (in Estonian)

computer, data projector, 8 speakers + 8 channel soundcard, wooden rotating plate,
Arduino, Xbee, compass sensor

Patch in Max/MSP for spacial sound (Ambisonics Tools)
Patch in Quarz Composer for RSS, visuals and sensors speech synthesis for Estonian.
Google Translate for Russian, English

* This installation needs an internet connection.

Michael Bielicky for inspiration
Haraldur Karlsson for technical advice
Indrek Hein for synthesis of Estonian language
Kaarel Narro for carpentry
Arne Gödeke for Soundspace software